Code Of Ethics

The Client

Refunds will only be made if the client requests within 24 hours of purchase. Readings take time and energy to complete and I can not process a refund if you are not happy with your reading.

Each client will need to understand that they will take full responsibility for their decisions and actions as a result of this reading.

My Commitment to you

My commitment to you is that I will be clear about what the Tarot is and how I work with the Tarot and what it can do for you.

I will liaise with you via email prior to the reading about your situation and question and give information about what you can expect and when you shall expect to receive the reading. I do not do ‘emergency’ readings at this time.

I come from a place of respect, kindness and compassion and all my clients will be treated equally, with respect, kindness and compassion no matter what background they come from.

All information about the client and the client’s readings will be held by me in the strictest of confidence unless I feel that the client may harm him or herself or as required by a court of law.

I work in a professional manner and will aim to answer your question to the best of my ability by giving a clear description of the messages that the cards and my intuition tell me.

I do not believe the cards will leave you feeling powerless and deflated. Instead, I will aim to provide uplifting messages leaving you feeling empowered and confident to make decisions and move forward. I do believe that life is full of positive choices even when we feel that they are negative.

Questions I will NOT answer

You must be 18+ years to receive a reading from me.

I reserve the right to refuse to do a reading for you if I feel that we are not a good match.

If I feel that I cannot answer your question, I will likely advise that another style reader would be best for you.

I am not a medical or health practitioner and will not answer questions in regard to health or disease.  Please see a specialist if you have specific concerns.

I will not answer questions in regard to legal matters.

I will not answer questions in regard to a third party such as “Is my husband cheating on me?”, “What is my ex doing now?”. I will only answer questions based on the person purchasing the tarot reading.

I am not a fortune teller and therefore I do not do prediction style readings. I will not answer questions such as “when will I meet my soul mate and what is his/her name?” and “Am I pregnant”, “who is the father of my baby”, “what are the lottery numbers”.

I look forward to working with you.